Monday, March 16, 2009

Skateboards and Bottoms

Since I have requests for this video from family so often, I decided to post it on here so I don't have to explain how to get to it on Youtube.
While playing around at the skatepark (probably a year ago) four of us decided that we were going to experiment on skateboards. Me, My Husband, My Brother-in-law and a friend of ours who actually skateboarded. There was a short bar that the skateboarders used to 'grind' on and we thought we would see who could skate up to the bar, jump over the bar while the skateboard rolled under it, and land back on our skateboard (we used our enormous, intelligent brains to come up with this). So of course the actual skateboarder, Jared, made it over more than once, showoff. Well next thing I know my brother-in-law has made it. Poor Trent and I kept getting scared once we jumped off the board and were landing on the ground instead of back on the skateboard. I should have just gone with that and left gravity and whatnot alone. But I'm never one to turn down a challenge... Luckily another guy just happened to be recording this whole thing, luckily...
(unfortunately I cannot embed this video so you'll have to follow the direct link if you want to watch it.)

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