Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day to forget... that I never will.

My brother is staying the week with us before moving back to Jayton. He lost the keys to his truck so he can't drive it so I've been taking him to work in the morning on my way to class. (luckily he gets a new key tomorrow so I can sleep in just a little later) This morning as we were leaving I, in such a rush, grabbed my purse, slung it over my shoulder, locked the door from the inside and shut it. Well as soon as I heard the click I realized my big mistake. My keys were in the house. Not just my house keys but my car keys! So after trying the garage door, back door and almost every window we broke down and called Trent. Luckily his boss let him leave work to come unlock the door for me but we had to wait outside in the cold morning (7 am) until he got there. I made it to school on time and Clinton to work on time so I thought everything was going to be okay.


I get out of class and trek the mile back to my car where I notice some red glass looking stuff behind my rear drivers side tire. Slowly scaling my car up I see the damage. Someone hit my car and broke the tail light. Luckily there were no dents and only a tiny, little scratch that no one will ever see. There was no note, no nothing - except for the broken light cover. The damage - $105 to buy a new light. Oh a joyous day. Yet somehow still, through it all, God put me in a good mood :)

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