Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, we put ol' Bucky down...

Our bucking bronco is no longer with us. Please, try to understand when you see us jumping for joy and popping open the champagne bottles. It was all for the best.
Will we miss the great times we had 'galloping' along University Avenue? Of course.....we won't.

We finally got the right part for my car (that cost the price of gold! sheesh!) and took it with us to my parents so Mr. Car Whiz (Dad) could help Trent with the installation process. Thirty minutes and a "home-modified-allen-wrench" down and my car runs better than new!

Ahhhhh, once again I can feel the wind whip against my face as I gas it to get ahead of everyone when the light turns green. That beautiful rev of my engine...oh, how I have missed you!

On a side note: what a superbowl game!
I must say, I was rooting for the Colts to win, because I think Peyton Manning is, well, the Man! But I was excited that the Saints won their first ever superbowl! How exciting for them!
Anyways, apart from that there were some GREAT commercials!

My top three:

3. Denny's Screaming Chicken (the Birthday Wish): The first two 'screaming chicken' commercials did make me chuckle somewhat, but they were just a little stupid. However they did a great job of working up to this suprise attack! You never expect it and up it pops! So Monty Python-esque! I laughed 'til I cried.

2. Keep your hand off my Mama & keep your hand off my Doritos: How could anyone not laugh out loud to this little guy slapping his moms new boyfriend and giving him the what-for! Cute & hilarious!

1. By far the commercial that had me laughing 'til... well still today! The Doritos Commercials - I stole them from Tim's Locker: that screaming man in a full ninja-warrior Dorito suit throwing Dorito death stars was the funniest thing ever!

If you didn't see any of these, I definantly suggest that you go to and check them out!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My-y-y-y apologies....

Apparently my life has become the muddled, mess of everything in the world aside from the act of blogging (okay not everything... don't go getting all worried ;))

We're always busy with things here and there; things aside from school and work, that is.

Our latest "project" has been my car :-\

"Mura-o" is it's name-o (because when we bought it... a Nissan Murano... the 'N' from the name decal on the back was missing. We have since replaced it of course but "Mura-o" will forever stick). [sings 'm' 'u' 'r-a-o', 'm' 'u' 'r-a-o'...] ahem... my apologies... breaking out in song is kind of my thing...
Anyways, back on topic. One day as I left my house to travel to work my car started doing this jumpy/jerky/hoppy thing. Mur (for short) had decided to play bucking bronco for the day is what it felt like. We went to my Dad, the Car Wizard, with questions in need of answers. I didn't want to 'hop' into a car while driving along 289 if ya-know-what-I-mean. Wizard/Dad told us it could be two things: Fuel Filter or Throttle Position Sensor.
We decided it was the filter and Trent went searching all over places online to find one. Come to find out you cannot buy just a fuel filter for a Nissan; you must buy the whole fuel pump.

Of course, of course... Why on earth would I go and think something might be easy for once? [mumbles incoherent threats to Nissan]
So we got one ordered and Trent set out Saturday morning to fix it.
This is where the 'fun' begins... aren't we all happy and playful? Fun. Fun. Fun. hmphhh!!!

Well Saturday morning as I danced around the living room to my dance, workout video (yes I have a dance workout video... don't you judge me) Trent comes walking in from the garage telling me he can't fix it...without a lift.
So off to Spur we galloped (because my car's a bucking bronco) to use the trusty car lift at the co-op there.

I, of course, stayed at the Day house playing games with my "clique" (bahahaha! that's an insider) while Trent and my Father-in-law worked on the car.

Hours pass by.

So many hours.

Finally they come home, and I can tell by the look in my poor hubby's face that it didn't go as planned.

Needless to say my car still hip-hops around town while we search everywhere possible for that other stupid part.... AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! I'm not hostile at all about this, I swear.
[mumbles more angry threats]

Well I'll put this story on the shelf and let hubby have the computer back so he can keep searching for car parts.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Officer Day??

Well Trent has his big Interview with the Lubbock Police board on the 20th. We are both very nervous - he more than me... but I'm nervous for him. :)
He will be in a room with I think ten policemen of every rank and they will question him on his past and stuff like that. Which I'm sure they will be very pleased to find out about because he's such a good guy and has nothing in his past worth hiding... I mean besides that ONE ticket he got. Psh - such an amateur. Ha Ha :)

After that though he will still have a couple more tests to go through before he starts the academy. We are just hoping and praying he passes them all (which I'm almost certain he will, and I tell him that every day.) My big worry though is that in the past couple of weeks there has been alot of crime. An adult kidnapping, two people were shot - one killed, an officer died while on duty because he wrecked with a drunk driver. I keep telling him I'm scared because I don't want him hurt and he informs me that it could happen whether he was a cop or not and that he needed to be one so he could stop the crimes that have happened in the last couple of weeks. My brave husband. :)

So just pray that everything goes well, and that God helps him through this interview! And that if he does make it that God will also keep him safe EVERY DAY!!

... and just maybe we'll be calling him Officer Day :) haha

Monday, April 20, 2009

Children at Play - a picture blog

Pictures I took of my nieces, nephew and their cousins this weekend in Killeen.

Pretty miss Kaylin
Taylor picked flowers for her mommy. How sweet.

Tatum loved her pretty flowers she picked.

I told Hannah she had a beautiful smile, she said "It's because I have this gorgeous blue shirt on."
Taryn had been sick, she still looked glamorous though!
Jo Jo was pretty quiet the whole time but he had fun on the horse.

Isn't she beautiful?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day to forget... that I never will.

My brother is staying the week with us before moving back to Jayton. He lost the keys to his truck so he can't drive it so I've been taking him to work in the morning on my way to class. (luckily he gets a new key tomorrow so I can sleep in just a little later) This morning as we were leaving I, in such a rush, grabbed my purse, slung it over my shoulder, locked the door from the inside and shut it. Well as soon as I heard the click I realized my big mistake. My keys were in the house. Not just my house keys but my car keys! So after trying the garage door, back door and almost every window we broke down and called Trent. Luckily his boss let him leave work to come unlock the door for me but we had to wait outside in the cold morning (7 am) until he got there. I made it to school on time and Clinton to work on time so I thought everything was going to be okay.


I get out of class and trek the mile back to my car where I notice some red glass looking stuff behind my rear drivers side tire. Slowly scaling my car up I see the damage. Someone hit my car and broke the tail light. Luckily there were no dents and only a tiny, little scratch that no one will ever see. There was no note, no nothing - except for the broken light cover. The damage - $105 to buy a new light. Oh a joyous day. Yet somehow still, through it all, God put me in a good mood :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Skateboards and Bottoms

Since I have requests for this video from family so often, I decided to post it on here so I don't have to explain how to get to it on Youtube.
While playing around at the skatepark (probably a year ago) four of us decided that we were going to experiment on skateboards. Me, My Husband, My Brother-in-law and a friend of ours who actually skateboarded. There was a short bar that the skateboarders used to 'grind' on and we thought we would see who could skate up to the bar, jump over the bar while the skateboard rolled under it, and land back on our skateboard (we used our enormous, intelligent brains to come up with this). So of course the actual skateboarder, Jared, made it over more than once, showoff. Well next thing I know my brother-in-law has made it. Poor Trent and I kept getting scared once we jumped off the board and were landing on the ground instead of back on the skateboard. I should have just gone with that and left gravity and whatnot alone. But I'm never one to turn down a challenge... Luckily another guy just happened to be recording this whole thing, luckily...
(unfortunately I cannot embed this video so you'll have to follow the direct link if you want to watch it.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

He won't bite... unless.

So Tynan, our big, buff, white boxer, is one of the biggest nerds you would ever meet. He is also a super sweet dog whose most favorite thing to do in the world is play with little dogs
(like our Pomeranian, Pippen and especially puppies).

So naturally if you've been around this dog all his life you would think "Yes he's big and all but he would never protect me because he's too sweet." Although I do notice occasionally that he gets a little defensive of me when a new guy comes around. So I guess if it really came down to it, he might protect me from a mugger or something.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think he would 'protect' me from my neighbor though! Here is my story:

Trent had just got home and was taking out the trash when he noticed a board from our fence (the one in between our house and our neighbor's house) had fallen down. So as he picks it up to put it back David (the neighbor) sees him and comes over to chat. There sitting there talking about whatever it is guys discuss through fences when he sees Tynan and reaches over to pet him. Poor David. :( All Tynan knows is that a hand is coming through this fence and is about to touch him, and he, being the territorial, protective dog that he is, goes to attack him! Trent immediately notices what Tynan is doing and takes action to stop him and David pulls his hand back as quick as he could. Well as my husband goes to apologizing to David, David tells him that 'he's just doing what he's supposed to do, it's okay.' So they finish their chit chat and head back into their houses. Well after a little while David is knocking on the door and asking Trent if he wants to come help fix the fence. Trent notices a band aid on his finger. While fixing the fence Trent asks if Tynan actually got a hold of David's finger... he did. David said that he got him pretty good, good enough that he had already been through one band aid and the one on his finger now is soaked in blood. He is not mad at all and actually laughed about it, because naturally Tynan is just doing his job in protecting our back yard and all. But Trent and I feel so bad that our dog made someone bleed!

Now I know what you're thinking, you're making a mental note to never come to my house. I swear he's not vicious, he really is one of the most unvicious dogs you would ever meet, unless a disembodied hand comes through his backyard fence.
We are now making I'm-so-sorry-my-dog-bit-you cookies.