Thursday, March 12, 2009

He won't bite... unless.

So Tynan, our big, buff, white boxer, is one of the biggest nerds you would ever meet. He is also a super sweet dog whose most favorite thing to do in the world is play with little dogs
(like our Pomeranian, Pippen and especially puppies).

So naturally if you've been around this dog all his life you would think "Yes he's big and all but he would never protect me because he's too sweet." Although I do notice occasionally that he gets a little defensive of me when a new guy comes around. So I guess if it really came down to it, he might protect me from a mugger or something.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think he would 'protect' me from my neighbor though! Here is my story:

Trent had just got home and was taking out the trash when he noticed a board from our fence (the one in between our house and our neighbor's house) had fallen down. So as he picks it up to put it back David (the neighbor) sees him and comes over to chat. There sitting there talking about whatever it is guys discuss through fences when he sees Tynan and reaches over to pet him. Poor David. :( All Tynan knows is that a hand is coming through this fence and is about to touch him, and he, being the territorial, protective dog that he is, goes to attack him! Trent immediately notices what Tynan is doing and takes action to stop him and David pulls his hand back as quick as he could. Well as my husband goes to apologizing to David, David tells him that 'he's just doing what he's supposed to do, it's okay.' So they finish their chit chat and head back into their houses. Well after a little while David is knocking on the door and asking Trent if he wants to come help fix the fence. Trent notices a band aid on his finger. While fixing the fence Trent asks if Tynan actually got a hold of David's finger... he did. David said that he got him pretty good, good enough that he had already been through one band aid and the one on his finger now is soaked in blood. He is not mad at all and actually laughed about it, because naturally Tynan is just doing his job in protecting our back yard and all. But Trent and I feel so bad that our dog made someone bleed!

Now I know what you're thinking, you're making a mental note to never come to my house. I swear he's not vicious, he really is one of the most unvicious dogs you would ever meet, unless a disembodied hand comes through his backyard fence.
We are now making I'm-so-sorry-my-dog-bit-you cookies.


  1. Um, can I just get some cookies? No dog bite required. He's so cute..