Friday, May 15, 2009

Officer Day??

Well Trent has his big Interview with the Lubbock Police board on the 20th. We are both very nervous - he more than me... but I'm nervous for him. :)
He will be in a room with I think ten policemen of every rank and they will question him on his past and stuff like that. Which I'm sure they will be very pleased to find out about because he's such a good guy and has nothing in his past worth hiding... I mean besides that ONE ticket he got. Psh - such an amateur. Ha Ha :)

After that though he will still have a couple more tests to go through before he starts the academy. We are just hoping and praying he passes them all (which I'm almost certain he will, and I tell him that every day.) My big worry though is that in the past couple of weeks there has been alot of crime. An adult kidnapping, two people were shot - one killed, an officer died while on duty because he wrecked with a drunk driver. I keep telling him I'm scared because I don't want him hurt and he informs me that it could happen whether he was a cop or not and that he needed to be one so he could stop the crimes that have happened in the last couple of weeks. My brave husband. :)

So just pray that everything goes well, and that God helps him through this interview! And that if he does make it that God will also keep him safe EVERY DAY!!

... and just maybe we'll be calling him Officer Day :) haha