Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, we put ol' Bucky down...

Our bucking bronco is no longer with us. Please, try to understand when you see us jumping for joy and popping open the champagne bottles. It was all for the best.
Will we miss the great times we had 'galloping' along University Avenue? Of course.....we won't.

We finally got the right part for my car (that cost the price of gold! sheesh!) and took it with us to my parents so Mr. Car Whiz (Dad) could help Trent with the installation process. Thirty minutes and a "home-modified-allen-wrench" down and my car runs better than new!

Ahhhhh, once again I can feel the wind whip against my face as I gas it to get ahead of everyone when the light turns green. That beautiful rev of my engine...oh, how I have missed you!

On a side note: what a superbowl game!
I must say, I was rooting for the Colts to win, because I think Peyton Manning is, well, the Man! But I was excited that the Saints won their first ever superbowl! How exciting for them!
Anyways, apart from that there were some GREAT commercials!

My top three:

3. Denny's Screaming Chicken (the Birthday Wish): The first two 'screaming chicken' commercials did make me chuckle somewhat, but they were just a little stupid. However they did a great job of working up to this suprise attack! You never expect it and up it pops! So Monty Python-esque! I laughed 'til I cried.

2. Keep your hand off my Mama & keep your hand off my Doritos: How could anyone not laugh out loud to this little guy slapping his moms new boyfriend and giving him the what-for! Cute & hilarious!

1. By far the commercial that had me laughing 'til... well still today! The Doritos Commercials - I stole them from Tim's Locker: that screaming man in a full ninja-warrior Dorito suit throwing Dorito death stars was the funniest thing ever!

If you didn't see any of these, I definantly suggest that you go to and check them out!

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